Terms of Service

This English version of Pedaru株式会社’s Terms of Service was automatically translated and is for informational purposes only. Please refer to the Japanese version available here for the official and prevailing Terms of Service. 

Chapter 1  – General Provisions

Article 1  –  Definitions
1) Pedaru refers to the trademark brand of the bicycle sharing platform business provided by Pedaru株式会社, a company that provides various services through its mobile application and website that include but not limited to:

1. Pedaru member registration, management, and service operation
2. Pedaru membership acquisition, management, and service operations of personal information
3. Payment fees for this service, including infrastructure service operation
4. Associated services such as bicycle lending / returning at the installation facility, customer support, accident report (collectively referred to as “individual share cycle service”)
5. Service operations related to the preceding items

2) Membership refers to individuals who have agreed to the Terms of Service for the purpose of using Pedaru Share Cycle Bicycles.
3) Share cycle bicycle is a general bicycle registered in Pedaru’s platform.
4) Installation facility refers to the place where lending, returning and storage of share cycle bicycle are done.
5) The smart key is an electronic key with built-in GPS / communication device attached in the share cycle.
6) Customer support means a maintenance cycle department that maintains share cycle bicycles, installation facilities and responds to members.
7) Credit means that you can get on for free for 30 minutes.
8) Share cycle platform is the Pedaru platform provided by Pedaru株式会社.

Article 2  –  Application Of The Contract
1) Pedaru株式会社 enters into a contract (hereinafter referred to as “member registration agreement”) with individuals who wish to register for members to receive various services provided by Pedaru.
2) Pedaru株式会社 shall provide membership qualifications that allow members to receive various services of Pedaru’s share cycle and provide individual share cycle services during the validity period of membership registration. In addition, matters not stated in this agreement shall be discussed in accordance with laws or ordinary practice after mutual discussion. 
3) By using the Pedaru mobile application or any of Pedaru株式会社 services, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Pedaru株式会社.

Chapter 2  –  Member Registration

Article 3  –  Conclusion Of Member Registration Agreement
1) Individuals who wish to register for membership in Pedaru shall approve this agreement, confirm the necessary items for the predetermined membership agreement with Pedaru株式会社, and apply for membership registration. If an individual who wishes to register as a member of Pedaru株式会社 is an underage, we will require the consent of the parents.
2) A member registration agreement will be concluded if Pedaru Corporation accepts the application under the preceding paragraph by an individual who wishes to register for Pedaru membership. However, if it falls under each of the following items, we will not accept.

1. The height is less than 145 cm.
2. In case of under 13 years of age.
3. Pedaru株式会社 judges that it is difficult for the member to drive a bicycle safely.
4. If you are found to have violated the payment terms.
5. If you are recognized as belonging to a gangster, a gangster official, or other antisocial forces.
6. If you do not agree to these Terms.
7. You have caused a traffic accident in the past, or have done a vicious violation of malice.
8. Other When Pedaru株式会社 decides that it is not appropriate.

Article 4  –  Terms Of Use Of The Service
1) In the member registration contract, the member shall select the type of contract and payment method designated by Pedaru株式会社 and enter into a member registration agreement.
2) The member shall pay the royalty stipulated in Chapter 5 according to the type of contract and payment method selected under the preceding paragraph.

Article 5  –  Items To Be Checked On Bicycles
The member confirms the following matters before starting use of this bicycle.

1. The bell rings properly.
2. The light functions appropriately.
3. The brake works properly.
4. The tire pressure is proper.
5. There is no rattling in the steering wheel.
6. There must be no rattling on the pedals.
7. The tension of the chain is appropriate.
8. The saddle is fixed properly.
9. The key lock functions properly.
10. The rear reflector is attached properly to the bicycle
11. There is no rattling on the stand.

Article 6  –  Matters To Be Observed When Riding A Bicycle
When riding this bicycle, members will comply with the following matters.
1) Always cycle on the road and not on the sidewalk. Cycling on sidewalks is only permitted in exceptional cases.
2) Always keep to the left when cycling on the road.
3) If you have the need to cycle on the sidewalk, always remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way. You must slow down and keep to the side closest to the roadway.
4) Obey all safety rules when cycling.

1. Do not cycle under the influence of alcohol. Do not carry a passenger. Do not ride two bicycles side by side.
2. Always use the front light when dark or in difficult visibility conditions.
3. Obey the traffic light signals at every intersection. When arriving at an intersection, come to a full stop and check the traffic in all directions to ensure safety of passage.
4. Do not use your phone while cycling.
5. Do not use your umbrella while cycling
6. Do not use a headset or listen to music while cycling.
7. Get off your bicycle when you are in crowded places or areas that are marked as forbidden for cycling.
8. Observe the traffic rules at all times.
9. Keep a safe distance with others cyclists, cars and pedestrians.
10. Ride with both hands on the bicycle handle.
11. Do not connect your pet to the bicycle.. At night, the front light must be turned on

5) Children must wear a bicycle helmet when using a bicycle
6) How to cross at the intersection

1. When turning right at an intersection with traffic lights, ride straight across the road when the light is green, then stop and turn the bicycle towards the new desired direction. Proceed when the light you are now facing turns green.
2. When turning left, slow down and stay as close to the left edge of the road as possible.
3. At an intersection with a “stop” sign, come to a complete stop before the stop line.
4. At an intersection with a bicycle crossing zone, stay within the zone.

7) Pedestrian priority in a pedestrian crossing
1. Be alert when you see the white diamond markings on the road. Such markings show that there is a crosswalk with no traffic lights 30 to 50 meters ahead.
2. Come to a full stop before a pedestrian crossing, and make sure you do not obstruct pedestrian traffic.

8) Do not ride bicycles that are not equipped with a front light or proper brakes, such as racing bicycles and other poorly maintained bicycles.

Article 7  –  Change Of Registered Content
1) Upon application of a member registration agreement, in case of a change in the personal information provided toPedaru株式会社, the type of selected contract and payment method, the member shall immediately notify Pedaru株式会社 to that effect and obtain approval.
2) Pedaru株式会社 may refuse to change from membership or can cancel the membership registration contract if it is determined that the contents informed by the member in the preceding paragraph will interfere with the performance of the service.

Article 8  –  Cancellation Of Membership Registration

When a member falls under one or more of the following items, Pedaru株式会社 can suspend the use of services temporarily or can cancel the membership registration contract without giving any notice or demand. In this case, the paid usage fee will not be refunded according to the membership agreement of Pedaru株式会社.

1. The member violates the member registration agreement and this contract.
2. In case of traffic accident, injury or death.
3. In cases where the member has not paid the payment specified in Chapter 5, or any other payment of money under this Agreement.
4. When a member falls under any of the items of Article 3 (2) (Reason for refusal).
5. In addition to the preceding items, if Pedaru株式会社can no longer contact the member, or when there is an error in the information at the time of membership registration contract, Pedaru株式会社 says that it is inappropriate to continue using the share cycle as judged.

Article 9  –  Cancellation Of Business
1) If Pedaru株式会社 decides that Pedaru株式会社 is unable to continue providing the services of the Pedaru share cycle bicycle or the part or all of the Pedaru share cycle business, or for other reasons, Pedaru株式会社 will share that the the Pedaru share cycle business can be canceled.
2) When you notify Pedaru株式会社 of the notice purporting to the effect of the preceding paragraph to the member by the notice method that Pedaru株式会社 deems appropriate, the membership registration contract will be terminated.

Article 10  –  Suspension Of Business
Pedaru株式会社 shall suspend provision of all or any part of services of Pedaru share cycle cycle or Pedaru share cycle business without obtaining prior consent from the members if any of the following events fall under any of the following items You shall be able to do.

1. Periodically or urgently conduct inspection or maintenance of the system related to Pedaru share cycle cycle or Pedaru share cycle project
2. Line failure or system failure of mobile phone operator or provider
3. Earthquake, fire, blackout, riot, war, other emergency occurs
4. If Pedaru株式会社 decides that it is difficult to continue to provide the services of the part or all of the Pedaru share cycle cycle or bicycle or Pedaru share cycle business

Article 11  –  Mid Cancellation
Members can cancel the membership registration agreement at any time even during the valid period of membership registration. However, this does not apply to cases falling under each item of Article 8 (cancellation of member registration).

Article 12  –  Effective Period Of  Member Registration
The validity period of member registration shall be from the date of signing of the member registration agreement to the end date of the Pedaru share cycle business.

Article 13  –  Implementation period of Pedaru share cycle project
Pedaru株式会社 may change the implementation period of the Pedaru share cycle project without notice due to weather and other operational reasons.

Article 14  –  Matters Concerning Management Of ID And Password
1) Members shall properly manage and keep the unlock code issued by Pedaru株式会社 at their own risk by installing the dedicated share cycle application provided by Pedaru株式会社 on the member’s smartphone at the time of entering into the member registration contract, and shall not be disclosed, leaked or used by a third party.
2) Except for reasons attributable to Pedaru株式会社 use of unlock code and any other act shall be deemed to be used by members.
3) The member shall inform the customer support immediately if the unlock code is stolen, misappropriated, etc. by a third party, or if there is a possibility of it.

Chapter 3  –  Individual Contract For Service Use

Article 15  –  Share Cycle Bicycle Unlocking And Riding Procedure
1) Share Cycle Members who use bicycles shall operate the key in accordance with the method prescribed by Pedaru株式会社 and shall unlock share cycle bicycles (hereinafter referred to as “loan procedure”). As a result of this, an individual contract will be established between the member and Pedaru株式会社 that Pedaru株式会社 shall lend a shared cycle bike to the member.
2) Pedaru株式会社 shall be able to refuse sharing cycle bicycle lending if falling under Article 8 (cancellation of membership).
3) The member shall not request Pedaru株式会社 for any refusal to share the share cycle bicycle according to the preceding paragraph.

Article 16  –  Share Cycle Bicycle Returning Procedure
1) Share cycle The procedure for returning a bicycle is one in which the member himself performs the locking operation of the key installed in the share cycle bike at the nearest installation facility where the shelf cycle bicycle can be stored, and member has to return the share cycle bicycle to such locations. If not, as a result, individual contracts will also be terminated.
2) The member shall return the share cycle bike after returning it confirming that there is no residence of its own on the share cycle bicycle, and Pedaru株式会社 shall bear no responsibility for lost / destroyed items etc.
3) If the member can not return according to paragraph 1 of this Article due to reasons such as no facilities that can store shelf cycle bicycles, the member shall move to another installation facility where shelf cycle bicycles can be stored and return it there.
4) If the member leaves the share cycle bicycle without following the procedure of returning to the place other than the installation facility or the parking prohibited area in paragraph 1 or the preceding paragraph or not following the instructions of customer support, the return procedure will be assumed as not completed.

Article 17  –  Cancellation Of Individual Contract
If the member violates these terms, Pedaru株式会社 can cancel individual contract of share cycle bicycle.

Chapter 4  –  Announcement of Bicycle Accidents

Article 18  –  Accident treatment
1) When an accident related to the share cycle bicycle occurs during use of the bicycle, the member shall take legal measures regardless of the size of the accident and shall treat it according to the following.

1. Immediately contact the police in charge of the situation of the accident and the customer support of Pedaru株式会社. With regard to the accident, submit documents or evidence required by Pedaru株式会社 and insurance company designated by Pedaru株式会社 without delay.
2. In case of concluding a settlement or agreement with a third party concerning the accident, obtain consent of Pedaru株式会社 in advance.

2) In addition to the preceding paragraph, the member shall process and resolve the accident including the discussion between the accident parties and related parties in their responsibilities and costs.

Article 19  –  Disposal Of Troubles And Theft
1) Members shall suspend their use immediately, inform Pedaru株式会社 customer support and follow the instructions of customer support if they discover abnormality or malfunction of share cycle bicycles and installation facilities while using the shared cycle bicycle.
2) Members, in case of removal of shared cycle bicycles during the use time of bicycles or theft, shall immediately inform the police and the customer support of their situation in accordance with the situation and follow instructions from the management division. In addition, the member shall pay the amount designated by Pedaru株式会社 as the cost incurred by the share cycle bicycle being removed or stolen.

Article 20  –  Indemnity
1) Pedaru株式会社 will cover liability insurance as long as members use shared cycle bicycles based on established individual contracts. The liability of Article 30 burdened by the member shall be compensated within the limit of 100 million yen for compensation liability obligation objective common insurance amount based on the insurance covered by the insurance covered by the member. It compensates for the legal liability in case of giving physical damage or property damage to a third party due to the use of the bicycle. However, while you are riding a share cycle bicycle, it will be the compensation period.
2) Members shall not be liable for compensation by damage accident and Pedaru Corporation’s compensation system for accidents not reported to police and customer support, or accidents caused by members in violation of these Terms and Conditions.
3) In the event that it falls under the insurance policy of various insurance policy insurance (in case insurance payment can not be paid), the compensation prescribed in paragraph 1 by the insurance policy may not apply, and as for the damage shall be paid by the member.

Chapter 5  –  Matters Relating To Royalties

Article 21   –  Rental Fee
Royalties are payment fees calculated according to the time of receiving services stipulated by the contract.

Article 22  –  When Refunding The Usage Fee
1) Pedaru株式会社 is responsible for damages caused by the fact that it is impossible or extremely difficult to terminate the use of the shared cycle bicycle as a direct cause of bicycle, key, application malfunction (hereinafter referred to as this problem). In the event of falling under all of the following items, Pedaru株式会社 shall be responsible for payment of credit corresponding to the usage time calculated from the amount deemed equivalent to the normal direct damage caused by this problem after receiving the request from the member.

1.  Pedaru株式会社 was notified immediately as soon as the member noticed the problem.
2. A sufficient explanation is given to the investigation of Pedaru株式会社 from members.
3. Indicate to Pedaru株式会社 what can confirm the fact that this problem has ocurred.

2) In the case of the preceding paragraph, Pedaru株式会社 will make refund processing to the member at the designated time mentioned by Pedaru株式会社.

Article 23  –  When Refund Is Not Made
Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding article, refund will not be made if Pedaru株式会社 decides that it falls under any of the following items.

1. In the event that the member intentionally or serious negligence or violation of laws or regulations is caused by the occurrence of this problem.
2. In the case where the member makes a false explanation on important facts in the explanation to Pedaru株式会社 regarding the problem.
3. When a member notifies you after 31 days have elapsed since the day after the problem occurred.
4. In the event of a problem occurring due to members violating these terms.

Chapter 6  –  Responsibilities

Article 24  –  Periodic inspection
Pedaru株式会社 will carry out periodic inspection and maintenance for share cycle bicycles and bicycle parking places based on the standards set by Pedaru株式会社.

Article 25  –  Pre-Service Inspection
1) Each time a member uses a share cycle bicycle, it must be in a state where it can be appropriately used for safety such as brake effectiveness, steering wheel bending, bell ringing, saddle fixing, chain tension, lighting of lights etc. will be checked and confirmed as working properly.
2) If the member finds damage to the share cycle bicycle, lost fixtures or maintenance defects, the member shall immediately contact customer support and stop using it.
3) If you use a share cycle bicycle without the communication in the previous section, we assume that there was no damage to the share cycle bicycle, or any ost fixtures and maintenance defects.

Article 26  –  Responsibility
1) Members shall use and store share cycle bikes attentively and in a good manner.
2) Management responsibility under the preceding paragraph shall commence from the completion of the bicycle lending procedure based on the individual contract, and will be terminated when the bicycle return procedure is completed.

Article 27  –  Prohibited Acts
Members shall not conduct the following acts during the provisional time of the shared cycle cycle.

1. To make use of share cycle bicycles to those other than the members themselves.
2. Dangerous acts such as reckless driving that violates the Road Traffic Act, drunk driving, driving using mobile phones, driving with driving an umbrella, etc.
3. Use of a shared-cycle bicycle while ignoring traffic regulations.
4. Use in areas where bicycles are prohibited, in dangerous places, or in inappropriate places.
5. Acts that would result in obstacles with pedestrians.
6. Remodelling, removal and modification of bicycle structure, equipment, accessories etc.
7. Bicycles are parked in places where they are not allowed to obtain permits, private places where they can not obtain permission, and places that hinder traffic.
8. If a malfunction occurs during operation and the member forcibly continue the operation.
9, Using the bicycle for various tests and competitions and for towing or pushing.
10. Other acts that violate laws or public order and morals.

Article 28  –  Treatment For Neglected Bicycles
1) When a member parked a share cycle bicycle in a place prohibited under item 7 of the preceding article (hereinafter referred to as “neglected”), the member shall pay the expenses such as removal and storage of neglected bicycles, the use fee until returning, etc. Member will assume the responsibility to compensate for any damage caused to Pedaru株式会社.
2) In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, when the municipality and the police contact the Pedaru株式会社regarding the neglect of the bicycle, Pedaru株式会社 will contact the member and promptly move the share cycle bicycle. As a violator, Pedaru株式会社 will seek to comply with legal measures, and members will follow it.
3) When Pedaru株式会社 pays for the expenses set forth in paragraph 1 of this Article, the member shall pay this fee promptly to Pedaru株式会社.
4) When parking in a paid bicycle parking lot, we will do the same as each section of this section.

Article 29  –  Treatment When Sharing Cycle Bicycle Is Not Returned
When Pedaru株式会社 judges that a share cycle bicycle has not been returned, such as when a member does not return a share cycle without contacting customer support after starting use of a shared cycle bike from Pedaru株式会社, Pedaru株式会社 shall be able to take legal proceedings measures such as canceling the registration contract or individual contract and filing a criminal complaint.

Article 30  –  Liability
In addition to the provisions of these Terms, the Member shall be responsible for compensating damages if the member damages a third party, bicycle owner, or Pedaru株式会社 while using a shared cycle bicycle from this service.

Chapter 7  –  Disclaimer

Article 31   – Disclaimer
Regardless of the reason, the Member shall not make Pedaru株式会社 liable for damages caused to the member due to the failure of using the share cycle bicycle, even if Pedaru株式会社 intentionally or grossly neglected. Member will not be able to claim compensation for damages from Pedaru株式会社 beyond the amount of money paid by the member as a consideration for use of the shared cycle bicycle.

Article 32  –  Disclaimer Of Force Majeure
If the share cycle bicycle can not be returned due to natural disasters or other reasons of force majeure, the member shall not be held responsible for the damage caused by this. In this case, the member shall immediately contact customer support and follow the instructions.

Chapter 8  –  Personal Information

Article 33 Purpose Of Use Of Personal Information
1) Pedaru株式会社 applications under this Terms and Registration Agreement, Individual Contract, and Share Cycle Position information accompanying use of the bicycle, traveling route information and other personal information of the member acquired with the implementation of the project of Pedaru株式会社 shall be used within the scope of each item of this paragraph.

1. For business of Pedaru株式会社 in order to make appropriate judgment and correspondence in applying for membership agreement and acceptance.
2. In business operation of Pedaru株式会社 in order to make appropriate judgment and correspondence in the communication necessary for the management of share cycle business, sending of various documents and identity verification.
3. To make a charge request for using a share cycle bicycle.
4. To properly manage membership registration contracts, individual contracts, etc. Also, even after the termination of the contract, in order to appropriately manage necessary as a response to inquiries and laws and regulations.
5. To guide products, services, events, campaigns etc. handled by Pedaru株式会社.
6. In order to guide you about products, services, events, campaigns etc handled by Pedaru株式会社 under entrustment of enterprises etc.
7. To conduct marketing analysis for planning and development of services and products, improvement of customer satisfaction, etc.
8. In order to make use of the marketing or other purposes for Pedaru株式会社 business purpose by itself or to provide it to third parties after setting the statistical information etc. into a form that can not be identified.

2) Pedaru株式会社 manages the operation related to the share cycle business (third party, such as computer affairs, payment settlement affairs, customer management, responses to inquiries from customers) and business related to the share cycle business In case of consigning, we will take personal information protection measures and deposit personal information acquired in the preceding paragraph to said outsourcer.
3) The member shall be able to request Pedaru株式会社 to disclose personal information about himself, and if it is found that the personal information held by Pedaru Corporation is incorrect or erroneous, Pedaru株式会社 shall promptly respond to correction or deletion. Inquiries about the disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of personal information to Pedaru株式会社, cancellation of use / provision, offer of other opinions, etc. will be accepted at customer support window.

Article 34  –  Change Of Terms
When Pedaru株式会社 revises these terms, we will notify you by posting this application. Also, we can revise the terms without prior notice to the members.

Article 35  –  Notice
Notice, communication, etc. to the member are made by using the telephone number, email address or application notifying function registered at the time of member registration contract. The notice or communication will take effect upon sending out, even if the member was unreachable through the communication methods the member provided at time of registration for the usage of this service.

Article 36  –  Delinquent Damages
If the member fails to perform the monetary obligations under this agreement, the member shall pay past due damage to a rate of 6% per year (calculated on a daily basis with a year of 365 days) to Pedaru株式会社.

Article 37  –  Governing Law And Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction
This agreement and the applicable law of individual agreement shall be the Japanese law, and for disputes arising in connection with this agreement or individual contract, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.