We Support NPOs & NGOs in Japan

At Pedaru, social impact is of utmost importance. Thus, we decided to partner with Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Japan to support their work locally and overseas. If you have a bicycle you no longer require and are not interested in earning money from it, then we encourage you to add it to our platform and choose to support one of our partner NPO/NGO. We will donate 10% of our rate to the organization you select every time that bicycle is used by our Pedaru users!

Our Social Impact On Individuals & Cities

Donations To NPO/NGO

Bicycle owners have the choice to donate proceedings to our partner organizations

Revive & Reuse Bicycles

We give unused bicycles a new life and a new purpose by reusing them

Healthy Transportation

Our users gain mental & physical health benefits by using our bicycles

Environmentally Friendly

We help reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in the cities we operate in

We Support Charity Events

We are constantly attending charity events in Japan to support NPOs and NGOs in their work. Meet our mascot Pedakun on the image to the right! Pedakun participated in the Tell Tokyo Tower Climb 2018 event for World Suicide Prevention Day on September 9th 2018. Pedakun climbed the Tokyo Tower by foot in 16 minutes to support Tell Tokyo, and helped them in their quest to raise $19,000 for their charity! Tell Tokyo provides support and counselling services to Japan’s international community and its increasing mental health needs. 

Should you want us to participate in any of your events, please contact us! And stay tuned on our Social Media Pages to find out about the events we will be attending!

Our Partners

The NPOs/NGOs We Support

1) Second Harvest Japan: Second Harvest Japan is working to create a society where people have enough food. Tokyo2020: Food for 100,000 is their flagship project. Learn more by clicking here.

2) Ashinaga: One of Japan’s largest NGOs, providing financial support and emotional care to orphaned students worldwide. Learn more about Ashinaga, the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, and their sustainable development projects by clicking here.

3) Katariba: Katariba empowers Japanese children and students to thrive in any type of environment. Their Collabo-School is an after school program for students affected by Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011 in which they provide mental care and a stable study environment.

4) Mirai no Mori: Mirai no Mori creates and operates life-changing outdoor programs for abused, neglected, and orphaned youths in Japan, supporting their growth into happy and successful adults.

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