Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pedaru?

Pedaru is a bicycle sharing platform in Japan. We take unused bicycles from owners who no longer need them, and rent them to our users through our mobile application.

How do I make money from Pedaru's bicycle sharing platform?

1) Earn 30% per ride: Put your unused bicycle on our platform and earn 30% every time a Pedaru user uses your bicycle. You will remain the bicycle owner. Example: If Pedaru charges ¥100 per ride, you will earn ¥30 when your bicycle is used and Pedaru will keep ¥70.

2) Sell Your Bicycle For Up To ¥2000: We will pay you a one time payment of up to ¥2000 for your unused bicycle. You will stop being the bicycle owner, and thus you will not earn anything when a Pedaru user uses it. Example: If Pedaru charges ¥100 per ride, Pedaru will keep all of the ¥100.

We offer you a third option to support an NPO/NGO: Support NPO/NGO: You do not want to earn money from your unused bicycle, and so we offer you the choice to donate 10% of our rate to one of our partner NPOs/NGOs! Example: If Pedaru charges ¥100 per ride, Pedaru will donate ¥10 to the NPO/NGO you chose when the bicycle is used. Click here to learn more about Pedaru’s social impact.

Is it free to put my bicycle on Pedaru's bicycle sharing platform?

Yes it is completely free to use our services.

Do I have to do maintenance for the bicycle?

Pedaru will perform basic maintenance on the bicycle while it is operational on Pedaru’s bicycle sharing platform.

How do users locate the bicycles?

Once we take the bicycle, we will install our own special lock on it. Users will be able to locate the bicycles through our mobile application and lock.

Does Pedaru provide any insurance?

Yes, there is insurance coverage for third liability insurance as well as accident insurance caused by bad bicycle maintenance. However, any responsibility not covered by the insurance must be borne by the user.

How do I put my unused bicycle on Pedaru's bicycle sharing platform?

Simply contact us via email, phone or through our website. When we receive your request, we will get in touch with you to assess your unused bicycle’s condition and confirm your request. We will then meet you and take the bicycle from you (at your house or any convenient location). We will clean the bicycle, install our lock and place it in our designated parking locations.

Is any type of bicycle acceptable?

At this stage, we focus only on unused non-electric mamachari bicycles that are in good and usable conditions. In the future, we will open up the bicycle sharing platform to different types of bicycles (electric mamachari, road bicycles, mountain bicycle, foldable bicycle, etc). Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our progress!

Can I get the bicycle back?

At this stage, we are focused on owners who no longer have a need for their bicycles, and thus do not need it back. In the future, we will open our bicycle sharing platform for owners who want to rent their bicycles only on specific days.

What happens if my bicycle is broken, stolen or taken by the police?

We do not take responsibility if your bicycle is broken or stolen while being used on our platform. However, we do educate our users to use bicycles appropriately and are focused at this stage on bicycle owners who no longer have a need or much value for their bicycles.

Do I need to show my bicycle registration document?

We require that you provide us your original bicycle registration document to make sure that you are the owner of the bicycle. If you lost your bicycle registration, we will require you to sign a document that confirms you are the owner of the bicycle.

Do I need to sign a contract with Pedaru?

Yes, we require you to sign a contract that we will send to you once we receive your request through the form below.

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