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Benefits Of Using Pedaru

Save Time

Faster than walking, taking the bus and using the train

Save Money

Cheaper than other methods of transportation

Social Benefits

Healthy, environmental friendly and convenient transportation

How It Works

4 Easy Steps To Use Our Bicycles

Download our mobile application

Locate the nearest bicycle

Unlock & ride!

Park appropriately & close the lock


Locate Bicycles Easily

Easily find bicycles through our application by locating the bicycle pins on the map

Effortless Payment

Register your credit card once through our application to securely pay for the service

No Deposit Required

Simply install the application, register your credit card and start using our bicycles!

24 Hour Service

You can access our bicycles anytime (perfect when the train stops working!)

Customer Service

If there are any issues, you can easily and quickly contact us through our application

Earn Free Rides

Follow us on social media to learn how you can win free bicycle rides!

Potential use cases

What Users Are Saying

“I was late for work, did not want to wait for the bus to come and walking to the nearest station takes a long time. I was happy to find a Pedaru bicycle nearby my home and save time in my commute to the station. I love bicycle sharing!”

Kitagawa Masami


“I went shopping with my friends. Although we each own a bicycle, we only use it near our houses and cant bring it on the train. We wanted to use bicycles in the shopping area. It was easy to locate bicycles using the Pedaru application & save time.”

Hirai Kaneko


“I am a university student in Tokyo. My campus is far from the station and taking the bus is very expensive. I use instead Pedaru’s bicycles to commute from station to the campus. It helps me save time and money!”

Okura Seiki

University Student

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pedaru?

Pedaru is a bicycle sharing platform in Japan. We take unused bicycles from owners who no longer need them, and rent them to our users through our mobile application.

How does Pedaru's bicycle sharing platform work?

Using our mobile application, you can locate bicycles near you. To unlock a bicycle, press the unlock button on the main page of the application and enter the registration number of the bicycle. The application will provide you with the unlock code to open our lock. Once you are done with your bicycle ride, simply close the lock and press the end the bicycle ride button! Please remember to always park at a Pedaru designated parking location.

How do I pay?

All payments happen through our mobile application using any credit card of your choice. At this stage, we support Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We use the mobile payment services of, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available.

Is the payment system secure and safe?

Yes absolutely! We are using payment services, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available. Companies such as Facebook, Underarmour, Pinterest, Salesforce as well as 4000 other corporations worldwide use the same payment system. We at Pedaru do not save any of your credit card information on our servers and cannot access that information. Such information is only saved and encrypted on’s secure servers.

Should I use Pedaru bicycle sharing platform even if I own a bicycle?

Yes. Most people in Japan already have a bicycle but are restricted to using it only around their home area. However, there are many instances during your daily commute in which using a bicycle will allow you to save time and money.

Does Pedaru provide any insurance?

Yes, there is insurance coverage for third liability insurance as well as accident insurance caused by bad bicycle maintenance. However, any responsibility not covered by the insurance must be borne by the user.

What is the rate?

The price is 100 yen per 30 minute ride. This means if you ride for 30 minutes or less, you will only pay 100 yen. If you ride for 31 minutes to 60 minutes, the rate will be 200 yen.

Where do I park the bicycle?

Please park the bicycle at appropriate designated locations that are highlighted on the map in our application. Please do not park in paid parking lots that are not designated by Pedaru as an approved parking location.

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