Our Story & Mission

The Pedaru business model originated during the 2017 INSEAD Venture Competition where it received the 2nd place award (out of 64 competing startups). At Pedaru, we focus on providing an easy to use, healthy and environmentally friendly bicycle sharing system in Japan. Our bicycle fleet consists of bicycles that Japanese owners no long require. We share those underutilized bicycles through our mobile app with users, and compensate the owners every time their bicycle is used!

Our mission is to improve the daily commute of locals and tourists in Japan, while positively impacting communities and supporting Non Profit Organizations and Non Governmental Organizations in Japan. Our team consists of Japanese and foreign employees, interns, and advisors, and is supported by the INSEAD Japan Angel Group. 

Company Information

July 24, 2018
Jad Saleh
2-14-11 Akasaka, Room 312, Minato, Tokyo, 107-0052
5 Million Yen (as of July 24, 2018)
Development, sales, and management of the Pedaru bicycle sharing platform

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